Fix your tweaked back, low back pain and stiffnes

Do you know back pain?

Probably yes, but do you know how to fix it properly in a comfort of your home? I've got for you three news, a good, a bad and a great one. 

The bad news is that 80% of people will likely experience a back problem at some point in their lives.

That's why I mentioned that you could know it. 

The good news is that there are physicians, coaches and fitness experts who can help you live pain-free so that you can get back to daily activities. Recurring dealing with back pain isn’t as easy. It takes effort and your time to correct your movement and alleviate the pain in the long run.

But can you visit your chiropractor, physiotherapist, physician or other experts right now? Probably no. Because the best experts are too busy and you need to make an appointment. And that's my great news. We've made an exclusive selection of best self-treatments physio methods for performance at your home.  You can choose that hurts you, choose tools that are next to you and fix your complaints in only three simple steps. 

1. Find the right therapy by comparing "Pain Maps."

That shows appropriate painful places on your body and body motions that increase pain for a different source of complaints.

2. Choose the easiest or most comfortable method from the selection recommended for this sort of pain.

Watch professional instruction video; the instructor will lead you through a series of stretches, exercises, self-treatment mobilizations that are perfect when you've tweaked your back or after your tweaked back has started to be able to move. It will help you relieve pain, open your hips, mobilize your joints and return you to normal function. Perform the method.

3. Easily monitor a quality of your performance by your feeling and compare it with presented one in the video.

Enjoy your relief or combine this method with other recommended or choose another self-treatment method that suits you even more.

Heal&Go, that’s where gentle self-treatment exercise comes in. 

See other great workouts at home videos at www.HealAndGo.Org or in Heal&Go application on your mobile device or PC.