At home.
At work.
At ease.

Long practice,
deep knowledge

App that helps

Heal&Go application for mobile devices is a result of my team long year practice in physical medicine, rehabilitation, pain therapy, sport injuries recoveries and injury prevention in athletes and professionals.

This app is a product of cooperation with my medical colleagues, orthopedics, physiotherapists, sports trainers and iMotionTherapy technical team members.



Recovery at home

For complete recovery and injury prevention, most rehabilitation protocol will require the patient to perform some of the methods and maneuvers on his or her own at home. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive home exercise program outlined for most patients in the rehabilitation process. This allows you to augment your therapy and prevention rehabilitation exercises at home, give you a tool for your own recovery and for your therapy cost control.


Use appropriate methods

We try to choose appropriate methods and their best forms for most often our patient's clinical symptoms. Each chosen method form is designed for performance at home or at work and is focused on the understanding of the maneuvers and execution it on a regular basis.

We know that patient self-motivation is even more crucial in the present medical environment with increased attention and scrutiny directed at cost containment. Many insurance carriers limit coverage for rehabilitation at the patient’s expense.

Heal&Go uses methods also accepted by these institutions


As a head of Joint Hypermobile Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Center with patients are from Canada, USA, and Central Europe aged for 2-3 month to 98 years, I have treated over 10 000 outpatients and more than 800 inpatients in the last 7 years.

I am focused on the holistic approach to medical assessment and treatment. This approach is based on my post gradual study in Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovak Republic. I’m glad that my post-gradual study was built on Prague Rehabilitation School approach and influenced by my excellent pedagogues and clinical specialist, such as Prof. Karel Lewit, MD, Prof. Jan Pfeifer, MD, Assoc. Prof. Frantisek Vele, Ph.D., as. Jan Vacek, MD, Assoc. Prof. Dobroslava Jandova, PhD., Assoc. Prof. Peter Takac, Ph.D. and many more.

In the last 5 years, I’m specialized on pharmacological and physical medicine pain therapy, post-traumatic rehabilitation and injury prevention in athletes with increased joint laxicity.

Language spoken: English, German, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian 

Methods: spine and joints manipulation and mobilization, Kinesio-taping, dry needle therapy, dynamic postural stabilization, all physical medicine methods, sports performance testing, functional training.

I am 41 years old physician with more than 15 years practice in internal medicine, pain medicine, palliative medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Milan Vahovic, MD



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