Bills for Organ transplants = Price of life?

Last week I read a couple of articles about organ transplants. The 1st one was about amounts billed for patients in the U.S., and the 2nd was, that a singer Selena Gomes found a donor for her kidney transplantation by her own. And I want to show you a way, how you can save your bills for transplants.

In the September issue of Fortune magazine ( I've found an interesting article about average amount billed for transplants in the U.S. It was a very interesting reading, but as a man experienced in the European and American health care, I consider these whooping amounts as untouchable for most people I know.

And in these bills, there are not included costs for immunosuppressive treatment, that is necessary for all after organ transplants life.  So, you can expect that your health insurance will charge you much more in the future.

Bills in the central Europe hospitals are much different. 

As a doctor, I understand that organ transplantation is the last choice treatment for patients with functional organ changes. But, I should say that if you are as happy as Selena Gomes, who had found a donor in her friend and could plan her transplantation, it'd be much better and financially much more efficient to think about transplantation outside of the U.S.

It's a truth that there are highly specialized clinics for different organ transplants in the U.S., but in the Europe, in Vienna or Prague, you can get best medical service, comfort at high-tech hospitals and high post-surgery recover and regeneration programs for much less. 

We cannot buy a life, but we can save a lot to keep a quality of life.