Our methods

Therapeutical and rehabilitation methods chosen by professionals

Our methods

Therapeutical and rehabilitation methods are chosen by a rule to give you at east one alternative that can be used for any phase of your health problems. There are these methods included in Heal&Go application.

Pain and swelling relieving positioning

It's not enough to just put your foot on a foot stool! There are many ways how to fix pain and swelling. This method is based on the correction of joint position, soft tissue tension and lymph circulation by body part positioning and thanks to the use of supporting gadgets.


Antigravity (AGR) pain relief, muscle relaxation and swelling relief

AGR anti-gravity exercise workout. It activates dormant muscles, helps to develop the appropriate muscle firing patterns, improve motion pattern and decrease a risk of overuse. Moreover, it can build durability and strength by adding more body weight resistance without adding pressure on the joints. For example, AGR exercises as simple as the squat and push-up not only stabilize the core and buttock muscles but also strengthen the inner thighs and the arms.


Postisometric relaxations (PIR) and facilitations (PIF)

There is a fine line between lengthening muscles by gently stretching them, and elongating them to the point of triggering the stretch reflex. Post-isometric relaxation(PIR) is a technique designed to relax tight muscles without initiating this reflex. It is helpful in reducing muscle spasms and increasing range of motion. Post-isometric relaxation(PIF) is a technique designed to the early strengthening of weakened muscles without initiating this reflex.


Hot/Cold pain, inflammation and stiffness therapy

There is often confusion following an injury concerning whether to apply cold therapy, whether to warm the area or whether combine them. The answer depends on the type of injury you have sustained. And there is a guideline included in Heal&Go app for you.


Soft tissue techniques

Soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains, are common. Dysfunctional soft tissues are either too short and tight or too long and weak. These techniques are used to retrain correct joint movement, relax tense muscles, reduce scar tissue, stretch the fascia and lengthen fascia.


Joint and spine self-therapy mobilizations by professor Lewit

Joint mobilization techniques focus on attaining a normal range of painfree joint motion. Most techniques can be regained by an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist, but professor Lewit as one of the founders of joint mobilization had found a group of mobilization technique for self-therapy. These techniques are very gentle and pain-free options. The old crunch and munch, click and pop techniques are thankfully a thing of the past!

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