Your own comprehensive rehabilitation
and recovery program at home.

Therapy and prevention

Heal&Go App


Heal&Go is an application for mobile and desktop devices with comprehensive home exercise program outlined for most patients in the rehabilitation process


Therapy and prevention


Let us help you to get relief from the pain.


Tell us what hurts you and we will find the best excercises for you.



Headache - Neck pain - Pain radiating into the head and neck ...


Early and postacute phase after shoulder distorsion- Shoulder instability ...


Lower back pain,tightness, overload - Pain radiating into hip, knee or ankle ...


Sprains - Straing- Arthritis - Distorsion -Carpal Tunnel - Wrist overload ...


Hip or low back pain therapy - Pain radiating into the hip and thigh ...


Sprain - Fractures - Flat Feet - Overload - Arthritis ...

prof. Lewit 100 Edition

Most effective methods of spine, joints and muscles self treatment. 100 edition - prof. Karel Lewit MD ...

Methods we use

Heal&Go utilizes methods accepted
by a wide range of institutions

  • Pain and swelling relieve positioning

  • Antigravity (AGR) pain relief, muscle relaxation and swelling relief

  • Postisometric relaxations (PIR) and facilitations (PIF)

  • Hot/Cold pain, inflammation and stiffness therapy

  • Soft tissue techniques

  • Early strengthening exercises

  • School of the Back-Pain Therapy

  • Active spine stabilization exercises by prof. Janda

  • Joint and spine self-therapy mobilizations by prof. Lewit

  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation(PNF) diagonal patterns by Dr. Kabat

  • Open and closed chain exercises for joint stabilization, optimize neuromuscular control and early strengthening

  • Plyometric activities (Therabands tubing, exercise balls, little weight and free weights exercise)

  • Breathing exercises by Brugger

Milan Vahovic, MD

I recommend Heal&Go to all my patients because it instructs them on how to properly perform exercises that I use in my clinic. It allows them to stay in good health conveniently from home. "

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