Neck stretching on a chair

This is very effective and gentle stretch of the upper and middle parts of trapezius muscle. This stretch is effective for immediate neck pain and headache control. This stretch eliminates stiffness and soreness. This stretch is very useful, if you are not sure with source of your pain or if you are in the office or in any vehicle. The final position of this stretch is very useful for long-time pain prevention during your office work, study or driving a car. Regularly stretching can reduce pain and tightness that if left unchecked can lead to headaches, chronic stiffness or limited range of motion.

This exercise increases mobility in your neck and stretches your shortened trapezius muscles. These muscles are primarily responsible for the backward bending of the neck. The upper part stabilizes you neck and head. The middle part helps you to elevate your arm.

Difficulties: Low (25%)
Effectiveness: Almost High (70%)
Equipment: None
Necessary time: 7 minutes