Fibromyalgia - Is it possible to treat it or I have to live in constant pain?

There is a great difference between acute pain, pain after overload and chronic pain complaints. Next article describes a young woman life suffering pain caused by fibromyalgia. It's a chronic = long lasting illness accompanied with fatigue and constant pain.


In my medical practice, I've treated many patients with this illness in our Center for joint hypermobile syndrome and fibromyalgia. I recommend reading the attached article for those, who are regularly exhausted, feel burning pain increased by little movements or a gentle touch.

This illness is often undervalued but can cause serious problems and decrease the quality of life.

Treatment is complicated, but there is a place for effective supporting physiotherapy program at home. My patients with fibromyalgia use at home 5-10 minutes gentle dry cold therapy, pain relieving positioning exercises, and Kinesio taping during the acute phase of the disease and exercise with soft rubber bands and Bruggers' stretching during their better days.

The best selection of these most effective methods with detail description of proper performance, most often mistakes and cautions you can find in Heal&Go app.

If you want to read more about a person living with this disease, there is the very interesting article from BBC.

For more serious information about this illness see attached links: